Frequently Asked Questions


What is Joy?

Joy is the world’s first smart photo album that allows you to curate and share your favorite photos with friends and family. Designed to live on your coffee table and sit comfortably in your lap, the Joy Photo Album makes your most cherished moments instantly viewable in gorgeous layouts, finally modernizing the lost art of creating a physical photo album. The Joy Photo Album is the only device with a touchscreen display, wireless charging, customizable photo layouts and real-time story sharing.

How do I purchase my Joy Photo Album?

Joy Photo Albums are sold exclusively through our website at this time.

Is there a fee for cloud storage?

Joy Photo Album owners receive 10GB of free cloud storage. Additional cloud storage plans available at $3.99/mo for 200GB and $9.99/mo for 1TB

What comes in the box?

Joy Photo Album, Wireless Charging Stand, Power Cable, Quick Start Guide

Will I need wifi to operate it?

Wifi connection is necessary to keep all your photos and videos up-to-date.

Do I have to back-up the Joy Photo Album or does it back-up automatically?

Don’t worry, Joy will always keep a copy of your photos and videos backed up to our cloud service. You can also download albums using the app if you prefer to keep a local copy.

Will there be sound built into the Joy Photo Album?

Yes, we have built in speakers so you can enjoy watching your videos on the Joy Photo Album and also for using our StoryTime feature.

Can I download photos from Joy?

Yes, you can download photos and videos via the app

What files types does Joy support?

Joy supports jpeg, png, gif, mov, mp4, raw, 360° images at this time

Can someone send photos to a Joy Photo Album user if they don't have a Joy Photo Album themselves?

If you don't have the Joy Photo Album, you can share still share photos and videos with someone who does because every Joy Photo Album and Joy Account is associated with a Joy user’s email address. How it works: Using the Joy App, select photos and a title to create the album, cc: the Joy Photo Album user's email address, and the photos will instantly appear in your Joy App and your friend’s Joy Photo Album and Joy App as well.


How do I charge the Joy Photo Album?

Just place the Joy Photo Album upright on either side of the Joy dual-angle wireless charging stand. The device attaches to the stand by magnet and a charge indicator confirms that it is actively charging.

What are the technical specifications for the Joy Photo Album?

Orders and Shipping

When will the Joy Photo Album ship?

Any new pre-orders will ship Dec 2017.  If you purchased before August 2017 you should have received a shipping update from us.  If not, please contact

What countries do you ship to?

US and Canada only at this time, but we hope to ship internationally soon!

How do I receive my reward after referring someone?

Rewards will come in the form of amazon e-gift certificate via email when your Joy Photo Album ships.

When will my pre-order be charged to my credit card?

At the time the pre-order is placed.

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

Joy allows for a 30 day cancellation period from delivery of the device.

Can I update my shipping address after I have purchased my Joy Photo Album?

If your order has not yet shipped, you may update your shipping address by contacting  

Is there a warranty on the product?

Your Joy purchases includes 1 year limited warranty and service.

Why not a tablet?

 Traditional Tablets

Joy Album

A multi-function computer for work and entertainment A permanent home for organizing and reliving your memories
~9" rectangular screen 13.3" screen for beautiful layouts, and wide viewing angles
Contains work emails and documents No private or work information
Filled with social media, apps, notifications A distraction-free place for friends and family to relive their adventures together
Ads, ads and more ads No ads
Local, limited storage Cloud first, unlimited storage capabilities
Turned off when not in use Showcases your photos and videos when not in use
Cover, lockscreen, wires and ports No wires and no ports. The wireless charging stand means Joy is always within reach
Video conferencing StoryTime™: screen share your photo albums over a voice call for real-time storytelling