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  • "Parents will fall in love with Joy. The best way to share photos with family members near and far"

  • "Joy app is here to solve all your photo organizing woes"

  • "Joy is a convenient way to travel with all my families images on one device"

Secure & private

A safe place to privately share photos and videos of your children and family away from social media.

Invite only groups

You have complete control over all your content. Other people can only view, comment or love your photos and videos if you invite them to.

Keep in touch

All your loved ones can leave personal VoiceNotes, love your memories and Notes on those special moments.

Why Joy?

Joy is good for you

Studies show that looking back through your photos and videos reduces stress and increases happiness.

Our mission is to improve your well-being by making it easy to share and celebrate memories

Available on Android | Apple

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Bring your memories to life by adding VoiceNotes to tell the story

Ad Free

We don’t display adverts in your feed. No ads, no distractions, no filters.

Syncs with Joy Album

Any activity on your app will sync automatically with your Joy Album.

Make time for what matters most. Make time for Joy

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Download the Joy App

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Joy Family Album

If you love our app, you'll love our touchscreen digital album. It syncs all content with your phone app and then displays your memories in your home. If another family member has the album, you can update theirs remotely, so they won't miss a moment.

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