Meet Joy.
The smart photo album.

A storytelling device that connects you with family whether they’re at home or miles apart.

  • “Because the Joy Album is a public device, always sitting in the home, it opens itself up to a whole new series of interactions that otherwise wouldn’t happen."

  • "Joy Album is here to solve all of your photo organizing woes."

  • "These days, instead of printing off photos and storing them in gorgeous books, we have hard drives full of photos that we never bother to access. [Joy] is going to change all that."

  • "Joy displays images and videos in delightful spreads."


  • "[Joy] has designed a digital photo album device and image-sharing cloud service that work together."

  • "Joy’s photo album might seem like a novelty at first glance. But the magic rests behind the scenes."

  • "[Joy] combines the ease of sharing and viewing photos digitally--but also brings back the sense of nostalgia and attachment you get from a physical photo album."

  • "The hardware I saw is handsome and was built by a team of former Apple and Sonos hardware engineers."

  • "Sharing photos with friends and family has turned into a time-consuming, convoluted mess of privacy settings, email attachments, and stresses over likes and comments.”

  • "The family album redesigned for the digital age."

More than just photos and videos, Joy is about experiences that have become your life’s story. And bringing generations together around those moments just like the classic album used to.

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Designed for oohs and aahs

Our personal photos were never meant just for posting on social or to be unorganized in photo streams. Joy is your curated library of shared albums based around events or groups that you choose. Albums are automatically organized in beautiful layouts, fit for friends and families to flip through right off the living room shelf.

Always on and at your fingertips

The Joy Photo Album lives on a wireless charging stand in your living room, always displaying your favorite photos and videos. Irresistible for even the busiest families to not stop, smile, or take to the couch to hang out for a moment or hours together.

Album-making made easy (finally)

No waiting for the mail or messing with layouts. Easily load albums on the Joy Photo Album with Joy’s intuitive mobile or web app. Select your own photos, import from other apps or simply accept albums we smartly suggest. Invite friends to add their pics to an album and everything is immediately viewable on your Joy Photo Album and theirs.

Brilliant Display Technology

66% larger than a personal tablet, Joy is perfect for sharing stories with loved ones. Your photos and videos come alive in beautiful layouts on the large 13.3 inch, Full HD display.  

StoryTime™ with loved ones

Tell stories in real time from your Joy Photo Album to another through a voice call with screen share. Hear all the giggles even if you’re miles apart.

All your photos organized in one place

For the first time ever, your whole life - every birthday, wedding, vacation - is now organized and at your fingertips.

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